Simple and Effective Marketing Campaign

Below is an example of an easy 8x8 (eight touches in eight weeks).  You can modify the weeks, however, I would strongly suggest not decreasing the touches.  

Week 1 - Send a Note Card. 


Week 2 - Phone Call and ask if they received the card.

Week 3 - Send an email. 

Week 4 - Phone call and ask about the email. 

Week 5 - Pop-by and give something of value. 

Week 6 - Call and make sure they are enjoying your pop-by gift

Week 7 - Email them a buyer/seller information packet

Week 8 - Call them to confirm they received the packet and set up an appointment

Easy, right?!  Do not make an 8x8 more difficult than it needs to be.  Do however, make sure it's duplicatable for all your met clients.  

Want more simple and effective marketing campaigns, let me know and I'll be happy to send you more ideas and an awesome 33-touch campaign.